About Zella

At Zella AI, we are tackling the complexities of AI integration and operation. Our journey is about making AI Secure, Reliable, and Effortlessly Integrable into every software.

Zella AI aims to be the guardrail for your LLMs, with focus on security and compliance without the heavy lifting.


the mission

To ensure that every software has AI capabilities built in.

Zella is a pioneering brand that envisions a smarter and brighter tomorrow. It strives to redefine the progress-rate of companies by harnessing the power of modern technology. We empower organizations to maximise their return on investments and achieve unprecedented levels of success.

the vision

Develop tools that let organizations integrate AI capabilities efficiently and effectively.

Zella adopts a modern approach, enabling organizations to thrive in a dynamic world. Zella is passionate about empowering organizations to not only match the fast-paced environment but consistently outperform and stay at the forefront of innovation.

Founding Team

Experienced team of motivated technologists & 2nd time Founder from companies such as Google, Flipkart, GloodAI.

Harshul Jain

Founder & CEO

Hiten Vats

Software Engineering Intern

Vidit Pushkarna

Software Engineer

Shivam Rana

Co-Founder & CTO

Values We Believe in

We believe in change. We believe in Efficiency. We believe in AI.


Zella adopts an inventive approach as it endeabors to ensure that every software is AI enabled. By offering innovative tools, the brand demonstrates the departure from traditional workplace practices, ushering in a new era of smart development.


The proactive nature of Zella lies in its ability to identify challenges and actively develop innovatibe solutions that ensures AI is an integral part of every software. It demonstrates a forward-thinking approach thorugh proactive problem-solving, enabling higher ROI, and hence organizational growth.


With special focus on privacy and accuracy, Zella enables companies to leverage the benefits of advanced technology without compromising on security or reliability. The brand understand the importance of trust when it comes to using a platform, and maintains the highest standards of ethicality in alignment with the promise of stability & accuracy.

Let's build Future

We are hiring motivated creators who want to change the way AI is integrated within softwares.

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